Who are we?

We are a family company founded in 1964. We grow Christmas trees and greenery. We also buy trees on roots and trees for greenery cutting from other growers.

Our christmas trees are mostly sold for export - our greenery are sold for danish cemeteries and export.

We work daily in the production ourselves and owns machines helping us for all workflows.

Our Story

Our company today known as Askjær A/S was founded October 20. 1964 by Jakob Askjær. Jakob is still active in today's operations.

In the beginning the production consisted of cutting greenery and forestry. Later the Cristmas tree production came as a natural part of the development.

Our first own production of Christmas trees and greenery was started in 1984. Jakobs son Lars started in the companyin 1984. In 1987 the company moved to its current adress at Hejnsvigvej 6, 6622 Bække.

Our Vision

We are your favorite supplier in christmas trees - together we make the optimal product for your market. We work continuously to optimize our production and quakity - e.g. we do a lot of testing shapecutting methodes - so we can deliver christmas trees optimally adapted to your market and which honors your customers' needs.

Our labeling and palletizing is transparent - from growing field til tree on the pallet.

We are doing environmentally friendly productionmethods - and we are Global G.A.P. certified

Hejnsvigvej 6 - DK 6622 Bække
+45 21 76 78 86